Congratulations to our new 2016-2017 executive board members!

President: Divyani Rao
Vice President: Peixing Liu
Treasurer: Aysha Shanta
Secretary: Justin Boling
Outreach Officer: Morgan Dyar
Communications Officer: Sophie Wardick
Mentorship Officer: Gangotree Chakma

An Intro to Systers

Systers: Women in EECS @ UTK (Systers) is a volunteer student organization whose mission is to recruit, mentor, and retain women in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department at the University of Tennessee. Systers is proud of their accomplishments so far: mentoring young women entering EECS, reaching out to girls in the community to tell them about opportunities in our field, and helping ensure that talented students have access to our department’s resources and our community’s industry opportunities, regardless of gender.